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Monday, November 22, 2004      
You know you have been in Canada too long when upon entering a Shanghai cab for the first time in over 4 months you automatically reach for the seat belt.

Seat belt?!

Yeah - good luck finding one in China.

2:28 AM

I have done a stop-gap measure of a re-launch at http://andrewrowat.com .

Check it out, while I affect a total re-design of the site.

2:18 AM

Monday, November 01, 2004      
At a friend's behest (Seņor Grant of Antiflux fame: http://log.antiflux.org/grant/) I have created an ATOM feed for this blog.

If you know what an ATOM feed is then I am sure you can figure out how to add me to your reader yourself. Fact is, I really have no idea how to tell you at this point. HA!

But, as I get better at this whole InterWeb thing I am sure to add functionality. Really.

In other news, this past week kicked ass. I ended up meeting with: Fortune; Fortune Small Business; Budget Travel; Travel + Leisure GOLF; ESPN The Magazine; Men's Journal; Rolling Stone; Departures; Food & Wine; Forbes; Newsweek; GEO; GEO Saison; INC.; and BusinessWeek.

Crazy hot I tell you. Crazy hot.

11:16 AM

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