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Thursday, September 30, 2004      
Back from NYC.

In the last couple weeks I have had excellent confirmation of my abilities as a photographer, and some frustrations associated with said greatness. ;)

I hung out with my friends Rob and Lisa and got some great feedback from them. They were very excited by the work that I have done in the last year and some of the clients that I have had an opportunity to work with.

That being said they also had some great critiques.

They talked about the importance of layers in photos. Not just from a foreground to background sense, but in the layers that allow you to juxtapose a detail shot with one that is an open landscape or portrait. Having similar images facing eachother doesn't allow the eye any rest, or the chance to wander, it simply bores and moves on.

They also felt it was important for me to get more intimate with my subjects, to aggresively get in there and draw the viewer into the experience with me.

These are good tips.

What else?

Rob and Lisa put me in touch with the photo editor at National Geographic Adventure, so I met with her, and she was also very helpful. Again, she was very positive about what I was doing and liked the fact that my shots tended to strip out anything extraneous - photos were pruned to the most essentials. She found my style very contemplative. That being said, she felt that in some of the photos I was missing the 'pulse'. Again, this is an intimacy and vibrancy issue. She also felt that if I wanted to shoot for some of the 'big' travel magazines (Travel+Leisure; Conde Nast Traveller etc) that I would need more food and interiors shots.

So I have my work cut out for me.

So those were very confirming and exciting meetings.

Then this morning at 6am I got a call from the Reuters Staff photographer in Shanghai who was seeing if I was available to do a 3-day shoot for the NBA in Shanghai Oct 12-14. Of course I will be here in Toronto. DOH!

So again confirmation, and MASSIVE frustration.


1:11 PM

Thursday, September 16, 2004      
I am just heading down to New York state to visit with my friends Rob and Lisa. I will be back in Toronto middle of next week. The funny thing is, that like Mongolia, I will be staying in a yurt!

They have an awesome yurt on their property in upstate New York.

I also got my photos back last evening from the last two months and I am estatic. There is some stuff that I am pretty excited about.

When my new website gets up I will try to put together an exhibition of sorts on it. I am also hoping (planning?) to do a show in Shanghai in the spring sometime. The name of the show (and thanks to my brother for suggesting this title) is "Across the North of Summer".

All for now.

10:52 PM

Saturday, September 11, 2004      
As usual I have been remiss in posting.
So, I am now in Toronto, and have been here since Monday or so.
In any case, I am picking up my photos next week from this most recent trip, and working diligently on http://andrewrowat.com , so expect some new photos in the near future.

But, in the meantime, I don't think that I ever posted anything from my jaunt through Southern China, so let me provide a few links to some .pdfs


And a few shots from WAY back when I was in Inner Mongolia

Some of .pdfs are on the larger bloated side, so be patient if you are downloading.

8:02 AM

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